Celebrating The Journey workshops aim to help us, personally and collectively, bring meaning, ritual and connection to life's transitions  -- marking and celebrating the moments and stages of our lives, and honoring and sharing what we value most. Current workshops include:

Safe, friendly and heart-centered workshops for mothers and tween-age daughters, to dive into the world of first menstruation (or moon cycle), and coming of age.

I share goddess stories that honor the female life cycle, and offer creative projects to do together, such as creating "First Moon Kits" -- boxes for mothers and daughters to decorate together and fill with special items for the daughter's first period, and creating ceremonies to mark a girl's first moon cycle.

Click here for more details about these workshops & bringing them to your group of women & girls.

As a midwife aims to create a sacred, supportive space around the birth of a child, these workshops and groups do the same for women at "midlife" (typically 40's/50's, but no limits set here!), coming into their own next stage of life. 

These nurturing workshops  and circle gatherings offer discussion, support and celebration around midlife transitions, including body and life changes, perimenopause/menopause, relationships, identity, dreams, spirituality, creativity and more. I guide women through reflective journaling exercises on a related topic, then we will have time to talk, laugh, cry and share stories & resources.

I currently co-lead a Midwife Your Midlife group at Palomar UU Fellowship, in Vista, CA, on the first Monday evening of each month, 7pm-9pm (with social/connecting time before and after).

I can also work with you to create a ceremony honoring your stage of life.