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Are you a woman/mom inspired to move into more plant-based eating & heart-based living, but are feeling overwhelmed, discouraged or stuck? 

Do you need guidance in culling through the seemingly overwhelming lifestyle choices -- from food to body products to clothing -- to find the ones that best serve your health, animals, workers & the planet? 

Do you feel called toward a vegan lifestyle but don't want to feel pressured to be "perfect" about it? 

If so, then let's talk!

These days, people love to call me "Megan the Vegan" (yes, it rhymes!), but my personal transition into what I now call the "vegan-inspired" lifestyle took me some 15 years, and lots of trial & error. Now I try to be the educator-coach-mentor-cheerleader for others I wish I had all along to help me transition more smoothly, quickly and compassionately into vegan-inspired (humane, healthy - but by no means perfect!) living. I've been raising a vegan-inspired family for about a decade now, and feel that I'm continually learning about all the lifestyle choices we make each day that affect our health, other people, animals & the planet. 

I'm trained as a Certified World Peace Diet Facilitator by Dr. Will Tuttle, who teaches a compassion-based, holistic approach to vegan lifestyle education. I also earned a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, and continue to study whole food plant-based nutrition and holistic health, so I can help clients and my own family thrive on a healthy plant-based diet.

My goal is to help you find your own pace and motivation to move toward a "vegan-inspired" lifestyle. I'm not about hard-and-fast rules, but more about offering resources and recommendations --  encouraging you to find your own deeper inspirations for making changes, and helping you learn how to make them when and how they feel right to you. 

I teach about "MOGO" (MOst GOod, least harm) choices (a term coined by humane educator Zoe Weil), and about "progress not perfection" toward a healthier, more humane, life. I'd much rather see more people moving toward more vegan choices, than people shying away from this wonderful lifestyle because they feel they have to do it "perfectly" or they'll lose their "vegan card." I've found when we are welcomed compassionately into lifestyle choices that help people, animals & the planet, we naturally want to make more of them.

I work one-on-one with clients either in person, on the phone, or via Skype, and can mentor you in any aspect of humane living, from food & drinks to body & home products. I also have videos, audios & e-books I can offer you along the way to help in your evolution.

My rate is $75/hour.

What Clients Are Saying About Megan's Coaching: 

It was your gentle introduction to the benefits of a vegan diet and including juicing that allowed me to “hear” what you were saying, not only with my ears, but with my heart and life force. I was ready and your words met me and greeted me into the process. Your lightness, acceptance, timing of introducing new ideas and changes, support for those changes without being bossy. Your laughter and excitement for my journey made me feel like I had a companion, which was amazing.

Gentle, loving guidance, with an impish giggle is how I would characterize your style. Living what you teach, making it look easy and simple and completely doable, and your giggle — something I am now realizing has a great impact on one’s spirit and willingness.
- Vicki from Vermont

Being with Megan makes me want to eat right. She hands me delicious green drinks that spark me right up, she gives me refreshing snacks that make me want to go buy the ingredients. I still have a long way to go, but her influence in the past year has really helped me clean up my diet. She has a way of making this all seem fun. In fact, just thinking about this right now is inspiring me to go make a nice, cold, green drink!
- Michele from California

Juicing makes me feel healthy and I love that our family is doing it. It’s fun to shop for veggies to juice and imagine what they’ll taste like. It makes me happy to think of my family being healthy for a long time.
- Hobbs from Maryland (age 9)

 I would never have gone down this path without the education and support of Megan. Her ability to be enthusiastic and encouraging without being pushy or judgmental has been key to the beginning of my lifestyle transformation. It’s not always easy to make healthy choices, but by watching Megan change her life by choosing health over convenience, I’ve been able to realize that a healthy lifestyle is the best way to a happy life. - Gretchen from Maryland


In March of 2012, I did it! I made a total switch to a (mostly raw) vegan diet. In just a few months I have noticed many positive changes in my life! My skin is clear and brighter, I have more energy, I feel more focused, I have lost body fat, and every night I go to sleep feeling accomplished. For me, this is not a fad diet or cleanse, it’s a lifestyle that I am inspired to share with everyone!

Throughout my journey in finding perfect health for my life, and the life of those around me, Megan was always there. I was able to approach her with questions about not just cooking but life in general. (She helped with my career resumes, family crisis, and much more.) She has inspired me to challenge myself and always look for a new way to improve my well being. 

I firmly believe that I would not be where I am today without her! Her guidance and compassion is incomparable, and I know that if you choose to embark on this journey with her you will feel the same! -Allie from California

 The beauty of it is, I cleansed not only my body, but also my life. I healed broken relationships, cleared out some negative ones, and was filled with the kind of joy that is contagious. I moved to a deeper spiritual place while connecting with the natural world around me. All starting with a simple juice.

Megan, being the brilliant, revolutionary vegan that she is, focuses on adding in delicious, nourishing food, never on deprivation. Awesome. I can’t say enough about this wonderful friend and mentor. - Angie from California

I started this journey almost five months ago. Little did I know how crucial the timing was. You see, my 21-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare cancer three months into my transformation. Despite the devastating news, I felt empowered by all of the information and knowledge Megan had shared. I realized that I was being equipped to not only transform myself but to transform and aid my son on his new journey.

Being a wife and mom, I always said that I needed to take care of myself for my family. I now realize that I deserve to take care of myself, for me, and then everything else falls into place. Megan, I will be forever grateful to you! Thank you for your selfless giving! -Colleen from California