Are you seeking a simple tool for self-discovery, self-healing & self-compassion?

Have the constant chatter & eyes of social media skewed your sense of writing about yourself to the point that you crave the quiet, focused, self-reflective practice of good old journaling?

Would you appreciate a hand-decorated, eco-friendly journal to start your practice?

If so, I created Evolve Journaling just for you! 


As a life-long journal writer & artist, when I hit midlife (in the age of social media), I had a strong urge to join these two passions into something I could offer friends & clients as a tool for cultivating quiet self-reflection and more compassionate, conscious, creative living. I wanted to make art from my heart, that could be shared easily with others. I wanted to inspire others to try (or re-try) journaling as a wonderful practice in living closer to their hearts (and farther from the chatter of the online world). 

And so, Evolve Journaling was born -- a marriage of the journals themselves & the inspiration to journal for quiet, inner reflection and personal expression & growth.

Why Evolve Journaling?

Your stories, your feelings, your ideas, your questions -- they matter. Writing them out in a journal can be a form of self-therapy, a spiritual practice, stress reducer, decision maker, transition processor, connection builder, traveling discoverer, and a creative release.

Journaling is an amazing tool to help you evolve on your personal journey. In today's world of social media, most of us write for many eyes (known and unknown) every day, and to the point of constant distraction. Journaling offers us a back-to-basics, private, quiet & safe space -- where nobody else is reading, or judging, our writing or our experiences. It's just for us, to get messy, to get real, to get funky, to deeply explore and express our inner selves.

I created Evolve Journaling as a fresh way to revisit an age-old method of quiet self-reflection, to re-train our minds to practice deeper self-discovery and reach deeper into our inner well of compassion. Evolve Journaling is nothing original, really, simply an intentional, flexible journaling practice -- but that alone can be simply profound. 

I offer workshops, and I'm working on a series of audio meditations, to kickstart your Evolve Journaling wherever you are. Let's do some Evolve Journaling together...

What are Evolve Journals?

Evolve Journals are designed to nurture your soul, to spark your just-for-you writing, and to please your creative spirit. They are also designed to give you options. Want to journal your night dreams, your break-up, your daily gratitudes, your aching grief, your big decision, your creative awakening, your healing journey, your midlife crisis, your brilliant ideas, your monkey mind? I can make you a journal for that!  

I personally love & recommend keeping a separate night dream journal, as our dreaming life offers us different messages than our waking life when we keep track of it consistently. I also love & recommend choosing to sometimes have a general waking life journal and other times have a special journal to work through a specific issue or time. So, I create a variety of journals to choose from, and make custom journals as well.

I take eco-friendly, journal-sized notebooks and hand-decorate them with a collage of my own whimsical illustrations, hand-stamped or printed words, and patterns & pictures from found sources. I also include on the inside cover of each journal guidance & inspiration to help you start to “write it out,” from the inside out, on each page. For dream journals, I offer specific tips on inviting dream clarity and keeping track of dreams for self-discovery.

Evolve Journals are not fancy, they're very DIY, and no two are the same! They are simple, eco-friendly, affordable, and each is decorated with compassion, just for you.


Stay tuned for Evolve Journals on sale here, or contact me for a custom order today!