Would you like your daughter’s first menstrual cycle experience to be better than yours was?  

Would you like her to feel empowered and celebrated when she has her first period?  

Would you like her to love her body and understand the role of culture in body image?

Would you like an opportunity to connect with her about being female and becoming a woman?

Join long-time educator Megan Pincus Kajitani, M.A. (whose Master’s thesis was on The Vagina Monologues!) for a safe, friendly and heart-centered small group experience for mothers and tween daughters (age 9-13), to celebrate and connect around girls’ impending first period and coming of age.

Megan originally created these workshops for her own daughter and friends, based mostlyon the book Moon Mother, Moon Daughter: Myths and Rituals That Celebrate a Girl’s Coming of Age by Janet Lucy and Terri Allison -- and they were so wonderfully transformative that she is now offering them to other groups of mothers and daughters.

Megan currently offers two workshops: Mother-Daughter First Moon Cycle Workshop (3 hours) & Mother-Daughter "Honoring Our Female Bodies" Workshop (2 hours). Either one can be taken first or second. See details below!

Mother-Daughter "Honoring Our Female Bodies" Workshop

COMING UP!: Sun., Nov. 20, 2016

2pm-4pm-- Village Gate Wellness Collective, Encinitas, CA 


(Spaces limited to keep the group intimate!)

In this two-hour workshop, we focus on our female bodies—our own relationships with them and their role in our culture. We will talk about cultural standards of beauty (including body size, body hair, media images and photo airbrushing), comparing how female bodies are viewed in different cultures and times.

We'll explore the myth of Gaia, the earth goddess, and the connection between honoring the female body and honoring Mother Earth.

For our art project, we will create clay "Goddess Totems" — after looking at photos of the most simple, ancient small sculptures (or totems) of the female body that have been found over the ages.

And, of course, there will be time for mother-daughter conversation.

 $40 for each mother-daughter pair, includes art materials.

($10 extra for additional daughter/female family member)

Spaces limited --SOLD OUT!

Mother-Daughter First Moon Cycle Workshop

NEXT SESSION: Spring 2017, Date TBD-- Encinitas, CA 


Megan will provide a warm welcome into the world of first menstruation, also called a first moon cycle (as women’s menstrual cycles were once coordinated with the cycles of the moon), and a space for deep, comfortable connection between mothers and daughters, women and girls.

In this 3-hour workshop, we will hear the myth of the Greek mother-daughter goddesses Demeter & Persephone, as we talk about the female bonds we share. And we’ll act out the myth of the moon goddess Hera, as we talk about ways to honor a girl’s first moon cycle that fit her unique personality (as we also discuss how menstruation/coming of age is/was honored in other cultures and times).

We’ll do a creative artproject — making “First Moon Kit” boxes — for you to decorate together, to be filled with special items for your daughter's first moon cycle. And Megan will show a variety of menstrual products that can go into their kits (cloth pads, menstrual cups, disposable pads and tampons, period panties), as she guides the moms and daughters in a comfortable discussion.

 $75 for each mother-daughter pair, includes First Moon Kit boxes & materials.

($20 extra for additional daughter/female family member)

Contact Megan to arrange for your own private group.

What Moms & Daughters Are Saying About Moon Circle Workshops


“I already know this will be one of those defining, meaningful moments for my daughter as she navigates her way through this tangly stage of life.  Thanks to Megan's thoughtful guidance, the depth and the ease at which these conversations flow is both beautiful and incredible. I am beyond grateful for the experience.”

"The Moon Circle gatherings provided a sacred space to focus my love and attention on my daughter during this special time of her life.  It inspired a healthy dialogue between us about puberty, and ignited a sense of excitement about coming-of-age and womanhood.  It was an invaluable experience for both of us.” 

“Moon Circle with Megan was such a beautiful and meaningful way to help my daughter bridge into puberty with pride and excitement while surrounded by open and engaged mothers and daughters. The questions answered, the safety and sacred nature of the circle, and the lovely way that the discussions and stories built up a positive view of femininity and womanhood were all such wonderful pieces that I enjoyed and appreciated. I am so grateful for this experience.”  

"Megan is the perfect combination of brilliant knowledge and huge heart. I enjoyed her workshop immensely and my daughter took away the resources and confidence to go forward with ease. Thank you Megan, for your wisdom and generosity in sharing what you are so obviously passionate about with us. We will happily look forward to future offerings."

"We thoroughly enjoyed Megan's Moon Cycle Workshop! It offered a space for great mother-daughter bonding, as well as for our daughter to connect with peers in a warm and safe environment over the adolescent moon cycle experience. Mothers and daughters were welcome to share their stories, or simply be listeners in the discussion circle. Relevant myth stories and a craft added to the substance and fun of the experience. Our daughter came home feeling more comfortable in her growing body, knowing better about the current changes and the changes ahead. Thank you, Megan!"

"I am so glad we did the workshop.  [Our daughter] is so excited now. No embarrassment, which is how I wanted it.  She feels like she is part of something.  We got home and immediately ordered some supplies for her box.  When they arrived, she shouted in the presence of [Dad and brother]: "Oh my gosh, are my tampons here? My tampons are here!" (She's been calling all feminine supplies tampons. :) ) You would have thought it was Christmas or something.  We also started our journal last night. Thanks so much for creating the space for all of this to happen."


“What I liked about Mother-Daughter Moon Circle was getting to be with girls like me, learning about different goddesses, doing art and forming a strong community together. I feel very comfortable growing up knowing these friends will always be here to support me. It was an amazing experience and I feel very good about myself and my body after doing it. It was really fun for us and I will never forget the time we spent together as our Mother-Daughter Moon Circle.”

“I loved the crafts and the goddess stories.  I learned things and it was really fun because I got to be with a lot of girls.”