MyTalk                                                                        A Classroom Presentation

Are you looking for some inspiration & guidance on cultivating compassionate, conscious & creative living for your group?

Would your group  like some how-to's on making daily choices that help people, animals & the planet?

Think your group would like to experience the self-discovery & self-healing of personal journaling?

If so, let's talk!

Yes, it is actually possible to be an introvert and love talking to groups of people -- I can attest to that! While I love my quiet writing & art-making, and although walking into parties raises my blood pressure, I have always felt right at home on a stage or in front of a classroom. 

So, I love to give presentations and workshops to groups eager to hear my message of cultivating compassionate, conscious, creative living -- and making daily choices that help people, animals & the planet.

These are the kinds of presentations I offer:

  • Workshops/talks on humane education, "vegan-inspired living" & "evolve journaling"
  • Guest character/humane education talks & book readings at schools (via my non-profit Solutionary Kids)
  • Guest talks at Unitarian Universalist fellowships or other progressive spiritual groups
  • Workshops on "writing from stillness" (meditation, movement & free-writing) for writers & seekers

Please contact me to talk about how I might serve & inspire your group.