In this 4-session workshop series, we will build community and trust among a small group of mothers and daughters, exploring various issues related to the experiences and changes of tween girls.

All of the 2-hour workshops are structured like a Native American women’s circle, and include storytelling (of theme-related goddess myths), supportive discussion, a creative craft activity and quiet journaling time at the end. Each session builds up to the final session, when we focus on first moon cycle/menstruation.

Session One:  Embracing Our Divine Connection As Females

In this session we will create a space for deep, comfortable connection between mothers and daughters, women and girls. We will hear the myth of the Greek mother-daughter goddesses Demeter & Persephone, as we talk about the female bonds we share, and as we explore the connections between the cycles of nature and our own female lives and bodies.

For our creative activity, we will decorate “Moon Circle Journals” — which we will use in the final 10 minutes of each session for reflective writing and drawing.

Session Two: Knowing  Ourselves & Finding Our Voice

In this session, we will focus on our relationships with ourselves – exploring ways we can (and must) connect with ourselves through solitude and quiet, as well as how we can connect with our intuition. From there, we will discuss how to find and use our own voices and hear the voices of others. Megan will share the myth of the African goddess of communication and leadership, Oya, and discuss the Native American tradition of women’s Council Circles.

 For our craft, we will decorate “Talking Sticks” — which can be used at home by each mother and daughter when one of them wants to enter into sacred/respectful conversation.

Session Three: Honoring Our Female Bodies

This session focuses on our female bodies, our own relationships with them and their role in our culture (and other cultures). We will talk about cultural standards of beauty (including body size, body hair and photo airbrushing). And Megan will share the myth of Gaia, the earth goddess, and the connection between honoring the female body and honoring Mother Earth.

For our art project, we will create clay "Goddess Totems" — after looking at photos of the most simple, ancient small sculptures (or totems) of the female body that have been found over the ages.

Session Four: Celebrating First Moon Cycle/Menstruation

In this final session, Megan will dive into first menstruation, also called first moon cycle (as women’s menstrual cycles once coordinated with the cycles of the moon). We will hear the myth of the Greek moon goddess Hera, and talk about ways to honor a girl’s first moon cycle that fit her unique personality (as we also discuss how menstruation/coming of age is/was honored in other cultures and times).

For our craft, we’ll make “First Moon Kit” boxes — to be filled with special items for your daughter's first moon cycle. And Megan will show a variety of menstrual products that can go into their kits (cloth pads, menstrual cups, disposable pads and tampons, period panties), as she guides the moms and daughters in a comfortable discussion.

$185 for each mother-daughter pair, includes all craft-making materials.

($50 extra for additional daughter/female family member)

Contact Megan to arrange for your group.